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In the Rental With Driver (N.C.C.) the law foresees the compilation of a sheet of service. The blackboard that you have to the left exactly serves to this: introducing your data the driver will automatically stamp the sheet of service. Then the introduced data are essential for the carrying out of the service. Besides they will be essays according to the normative in force concerning the law on the privacy. Checking on the box after all you entirely consent to the treatment of your data for the carrying out of the service without dispatch of materialiale advertising of it on our behalf of it from third. We won't divulge your data.

Servizio da e per Ciampino NON SONO GARANTITI. Vanno da noi confermati. Prego, se richiesti, attentere nostra conferma.

Really important! This is a replacement (NCC) rental. It operates on booking. It is necessary therefore to book it 24 hours before the beginning of the service. To book it over means to take the risk to feel himself to oppose a refusal. In fact if we exhaust our cars we would not know whether to satisfy you. We work only with our cars and with our drivers.